About Us

Our Story

ACCTV showcases the excellence and diversity of Austin Community College, provides students with real-world production, on-camera, content development experience, and serves as a catalyst for community collaboration and dialogue. We recently partnered with Austin PBS (formerly KLRU) to create and produce content in our new state-of-the-art studios.

At Austin Community College, we place a strong emphasis on providing extraordinary educational experiences. We believe that communication, being the cornerstone of human interaction, plays a vital role in fostering connections, strengthening organizations, and bridging diverse cultures.

Who We Are

ACCTV (ACC Television) was first established in 1994 as a distanced learning channel for Austin Community College District and has evolved into a public media outlet featuring programming featuring ACC students, faculty, staff and community partners.

What's New

It’s official! ACCTV is now broadcasting from its new home in Austin PBS Studio B. Executive Producer Carrye Glazar talks about the long journey to Studio B and how it impacts the station’s mission.


ACCTV embraces the mission and vision of the college and serves as a multi-media hub for learning, information, technology, community conversations, and diverse entertainment.  Our goal is to showcase the diverse tapestry of thoughts, places, and people in Central Texas, while producing thought provoking shows, timely conversations, and fun entertainment that ties ACCTV together with a thread. The thread is Austin Community College.

The Studio

ACCTV operates a full service TV studio at ACC Highland Campus in the Austin Media Center with Austin PBS.  The studio hours are typically Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The studio is equipped with lighting, cameras, audio recording, and a master control room. It is primarily used to produce ACCTV programming and content.  Chroma-key and blackout environments are available.

Meet The Team

Carrye Glazar

Executive Producer

Kai Ferguson

Videographer | Producer

Samantha Bennett

Editor | Producer

Corey Gray

Video Producer

Stephanie Ortiz

Production Supervisor

John Breed

Studio Coordinator

Austen Shankle

Videographer | Producer

Dick Anderson

Technical Director & Specialist

Marla Lawry

Broadcast | IT Specialist